Why BT’s commitment to FTTP roll-out is good news for everyone

BT-FTTP article

BT recently pledged to reach two million more premise with FTTP by 2020 (see full article). This is a very positive development for all the businesses who will get access to BT’s super-fast service and for resellers and retailers of BT broadband as well. You could even argue that it’s positive for the competition, as it will raise awareness and interest in FTTP.

The important point here is that we are talking about fibre-to-the-premises, which is an order of magnitude faster than most of the fibre-to-the-cabinet options that many people can access already. FTTP will give you up to 1Gbps speeds, compared to the 100Mbps or might get out of an FTTC connection – although speeds are always dependent on distance from the cabinet of course.

Of course, you can get up to 300Gbps download speeds using G.fast technology over FTTC connections. Some providers, Virgin Media Business for example, already offer this option and for many businesses, it’s more than fast enough, so Virgin is attracting a lot of attention. It has also announced its own further investment and roll-out programme for fibre, so the pace is definitely accelerating.

But as FTTP brings the fibre right to the door, there is never any ‘last mile’ bottleneck of copper to hold up traffic. With an FTTP connection, a business could support hundreds of simultaneous streams of data, video or voice. For bandwidth-hungry cloud-based apps and services, it’s ideal
BT has said it will focus its roll-out on high streets and under-served business parks, as well as new-build housing and its timing looks to be good. Many more organisations are now looking seriously at making use of the cloud and they will need the extra headroom that FTTP can provide.

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