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Can I overlay the main office number CLI when making a call from home, and is it legal to call from one number and show another?
Yes, you are able to show any number you wish to display, and yes it is legal to display one number as long as the number and phone dialling belong to the same company
Is there a system administrator log-in and what can it control?
Yes there is an administrator portal where you can control most features of the system including: setup of hunt groups, change and reset passwords and names, switch on and off voicemail - basically everything to do with the administration of the telephony system. Training is required.
If voicemail is switched off how is the call handled?
The choices are: an extension could be left to ring; the caller could hear a no reply message; the call could overflow to another department/ number; or it could be setup to a find your mobile or any other number. The caller will never get an engaged tone.
If you log off your phone or just disconnect it, what happens to a call if there is no voicemail?
You can setup any other number associated to your main DDI number so if the call cannot be sent to the required DDI it will be sent to the associated number or setup as above.
What level of integration is available with the Avaya system - can calls be transferred from one to another internally somehow?
You can setup a SIP gateway on the Avaya system and run SIP trunks, this can then integrate with the hosted solution. This will enable internal call transfer by extension number
Can the receptionist console module be viewed by all remote personnel, i.e. could someone at home take a call and see if a colleague is logged in, free, on line, busy, Do Not Disturb (DnD), etc before they transfer the call back to the office?
You can have two operators logged on the console at any one time. Only the number which is logged as the console assistant would have the full presence available to them to view who is free, etc.
Can I log-in via a desktop applet as opposed to logging in via web site?
You can either log in from the Voicenet site which then opens up a new browser page for the portal or just have the portal address under a favourite tab and create a shortcut on your desktop.
Is it possible for the system to include the requirement to input a pin number prior to dialling, to stop anyone using the phones?
Yes, this can be incorporated.
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