If your current broadband connection does not meet satisfactory quality for VoIP, we will provide you with a sophisticated business grade broadband system tailored to your specific data traffic needs with complete QoS.

These broadband solutions will enhance the quality of calls,
cut your connectivity costs and allow for greater flexibility.


Guaranteeing High Quality Business Communications


VNiStream is a revolutionary broadband service designed specifically for the delivery of high quality voice data on an IP Telephony service. The voice broadband service provides an assured, optimised access circuit solely used for the transmission of VN telephone communications and provides a Service Level agreement on the number of voice channels over a broadband circuit without loss of quality.

  • A Business grade cost effective package
  • Provides a guarantee on the amount of voice channels per broadband connection
  • Offered with Enhanced Care which gives a priority resolution time
  • Protects your communications from external internet traffic access to the DSL circuit.
  • Guaranteed QoS delivery

VNiStream and Quality of Service

VNiStream Quality of Service (QoS) is designed to deliver guaranteed IP Telephony and eliminating the factors that have otherwise plagued quality assurance.

We offer VoIP QoS mechanisms with our service ensuring the smoothest transition of voice data, and peace of mind for you.

The VNiStream Package

VNiStream is offered in separate sized packages to fit with your communication needs and based on the number of concurrent calls you would require at any single point.

VNiStream4 will deliver 4 concurrent calls
VNiStream7 will deliver 7 concurrent calls
VNiStream14* will deliver 14 concurrent calls

* subject to georgraphic availability.-

Whatever the size of your business we will make sure you choose the product that best suits your communication needs.

Enhanced Care

For added peace of mind, we offer Enhanced Care to the service level agreement.

If your business does experience a fault with the service Voicenet Solutions can guarantee a fault response time as well making your call a priority.



VNiClass is a corporate bespoke grade connectivity product designed to meet the quality and stability requirements of medium to larger businesses. VNiClass products deliver MPLS traffic separation, which ensures the VPN is secure and your data remains confidential.

VNiClass - MPLS Service features.

VNiStream Quality of Service (QoS) is designed to deliver guarantee

  • 1. Delay sensitive – voice/video
  • 2. Business critical data – SAP, Oracle, Citrix applications etc
  • 3. Standard data – email, web, file transfer
  • VNiClass comes in a range of solutions dependent on specific business needs, requirements, size and usage.

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