Ofcom adds fuel to the ultrafast competitive fire

Immediately after Ofcom announced that Openreach was to become a legally separate company within BT Group, with its own board and branding, the media was filled with vitriol from outraged competitors who claimed it wasn’t enough, and that Openreach needed to be full independent. This was always going to happen – whatever Ofcom said. In… Read more »

Why BT’s commitment to FTTP roll-out is good news for everyone

BT recently pledged to reach two million more premise with FTTP by 2020 (see full article). This is a very positive development for all the businesses who will get access to BT’s super-fast service and for resellers and retailers of BT broadband as well. You could even argue that it’s positive for the competition, as… Read more »

Virgin’s Project Lightning will provide UK SMBs with the foundation for growth

Virgin Media has announced the largest UK roll-out of fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) broadband technology to date in the UK, pledging to connect one million properties and businesses by 2020 as part of its Project Lightning network expansion. This is great news for SMBs – and great news for resellers too. It means that many more small… Read more »

Could you be benefiting from BT’s continuing broadband boom?

You may have seen that BT recently announced revenue of £4.38bn for the quarter ending 30 September 2015, beating the City’s expectations. This was a 2% increase in the previous quarter, which does not sound much in percentage terms, but amounts to around £44m, which is not to be sneezed-at. BT said that the increase… Read more »

Romford named capital of business start-ups

We always knew it and not it’s been confirmed; Romford is the start-up capital of Britain (see Evening Standard article). Figures from business data firm Experian showed 6,188 new businesses setting up in Cloud Telephone’s home town last year – that’s a ‘start-up rate’ of 22%, which is the highest in the UK. Romford may… Read more »

Why BT and EE merger is good news

The news that the Competition and Markets Authority has provisionally cleared the £12.5bn merger between BT and EE (see report here and various others) should be positive news for businesses and consumers in the UK. The deal is being allowed to go ahead as it is not expected to result in a substantial lessening of competition. In… Read more »

Hunger for data drives 4G

EE said recently that it had added 1.7 million 4G accounts in the three months to 30 September (see story here>, which means it now has 12.6 million 4G customers – that’s just over half of all its 31.3 million customers. The increasing need to have access to data when on move is making 4G… Read more »

Pressure on regulator for more fibre choices

The recent calls for BT to be completely separated from the Openreach infrastructure business, (see coverage from the FT and Digital Europe and many others) might or might not lead to some changes being made to the rules that control what parts of the UK’s communications network other firms can access and use in Ofcom’s… Read more »

FTTP pays its way

The roll-out of FTTP is ‘almost justifiable in economic terms’ said a story in Computer Weekly recently (click here to read). It noted that research from Point Topic (http://point-topic.com/) has shown that the operational savings of deploying fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) broadband are now soon to overtaking the deployment costs. This really should be no surprise to… Read more »

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