BT Openreach extends rollout, uses microwave-linked cabinet

BT Openreach made several fibre rollout announcements for various parts of the UK during the week of 5 January. The operator said that around 9,800 more homes and businesses in Worcestershire will benefit from a multi-million pound fibre broadband partnership with the county council. BT announced that Westow, a remote village on the edge of the North Yorkshire Moors, would become the first place in the North of England to benefit from a new technology offering up to 80 Mbps to end users by using a 3-km microwave radio link instead of fibre to connect to a street cabinet serving the village. Fibre rollout deals with local authorities were announced in Warwickshire and Coventry, as well as new fibre rollouts in the Dorset villages of Holsworthy and Martinstown.

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