Super-fast broadband on the way across UK

      Almost every home in Britain will have ultrafast broadband under the Governments push for the next generation of internet speeds. The drive, a boost to BT because it owns much of the national network that the internet runs over, is part of a move towards the so-called Internet of Things that sees everyday items linked.
      “We’re committing ourselves to a new national ambition to bring ultrafast broadband of at least 100 megabits per second to nearly all homes in the country”, George Osborne said.
    Measures announced in the Budget to boost internet access and technology also include:

  • Spending £600 million to prepare new spectrum bands to improve mobile networks
  • Using satellite technology to reach the remotest communities
  • Vouchers for cities to help them roll out broadband to blackspots
  • £40 million investment in an Internet of Things research centre.
    • BT said: Ultrafast broadband is the next stage in this journey and BT has announced plans to make it available to the majority of the UK within the next decade.

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