Windows 10 is out – but what does it mean to you?

The recent launch of Windows 10 was very low key. Microsoft has chosen not to make too much of a fuss about it – the suggestion by some observers is that the company wants to quietly consign Windows 8 to history (it was widely regarded as a bit of a flop).

Perhaps the most significant thing about Windows 10’s arrival is that it’s an acknowledgement that all IT productivity apps and voice services are now being brought together. That you can do it all – on any just about any device you choose.

The whole idea of Windows 10 is that you can have the same ‘experience’ on any device. One of the key features is Continuum; this senses which mode you are using a device in and adjusts the display and options available accordingly. On a convertible tablet it will sense when you are using the keyboard or not – and whether it’s stood on a desktop in the ‘tent’ presentation mode, or being held in your hand. On mobile phones Continuum will sense when you switch to using productivity apps and switch to a ‘PC’ mode.

That’s going to be handy if you are constantly using different mobile devices in different modes all the time – especially if all your apps and data are in the cloud and accessible at any time on any device. And there is only one interface and operating system to support.

It also opens up more possibilities for you to make use of IP connectivity for voice and to make sure that calls from mobiles are routed across IP as well. All of which will save you money.

However, if you want a smartphone that runs Windows 10, you will have to wait until October when Microsoft is expected to release two new Lumia models running the system. Windows 10 is already being shipped with new PCs and tablets and it’s available as a free upgrade for the first year to users of Windows 7 and Windows 8.

If you really want to know whether Windows 10 is worth using in your business and when, you need to take some expert advice. DMSL can offer you advice on connectivity and voice services and the network of independent resellers we work with all over the UK can provide you with hands on guidance and service on Windows 10 and mobile devices.

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