Romford named capital of business start-ups


London Mayor Boris Johnson visits Romford Market

We always knew it and not it’s been confirmed; Romford is the start-up capital of Britain (see Evening Standard article). Figures from business data firm Experian showed 6,188 new businesses setting up in Cloud Telephone’s home town last year – that’s a ‘start-up rate’ of 22%, which is the highest in the UK.

Romford may be leading the way at the moment, but the entrepreneurial spirit that abounds here is not unique by any means. All over the UK new ventures are being started-up by enthusiastic people who want to deliver great services and build profitable and sustainable businesses.

Many of those start-ups will be very, if not totally dependent on their broadband connection and on their business communications. They will need efficient, effective voice and data connectivity and at the same time want to keep their costs firmly under control.

If you are one of those businesses, we’d advise you to seek out expert advice on which communications solutions will be best for you. Today, most IT and business services can be run over the web, so hosted voice and cloud-based apps are really viable for start-ups, as they give you great flexibility, very low and predictable costs and they are totally scalable, so they can grow with your business.

DMSL is a great example of a business that was started in Romford and has grown using hosted services – and we can offer you sound advice on how to get started and get the best results for your business at the lowest costs, with broadband, hosed VoIP and other services. Just call us on 01708 756 555, we’ll be happy to help.

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