For the Internet of Things to work you’ll need good connectivity


The tech industry is busily touting the Internet of Things (IoT), as the next big thing. IoT is already being used in lots of ways. Car manufacturers, for example, are now taking feedback from customers’ vehicles to map potholes in the roads – so maybe they will be able to tell councils which ones to prioritise eventually. And trans-continental train operators are using IoT to predict when major engine parts are likely to fail in advance, so they can replace them before they go wrong mid-journey – and often middle of nowhere – and disrupt services. This also neatly avoids the tremendous cost and time it takes to fix trains.

We are already starting to see wearable tech, wristbands and smart watches in particular, that can feed back information about our health and in-car devices that tell us how we are driving. Smart home devices are starting to appear too, so you can turn the lights and the heating before you leave work, or open the garage door as you pull into the end of the street. More ingenious uses will follow and it may not be too long before everything from your to your house keys to your hairdryer are hooked-up to the web.

But if you want to connect all kinds of devices to the Internet, you are going to need a lot of bandwidth. This is going to make fast, reliable broadband even more important to our everyday lives than it is already. There are already so many things you can do with your broadband – more businesses are making use of hosted VoIP services and everyone is now using on-demand streaming TV and music services.

This is why the continued roll-out of fibre connections across the UK is important and why we would urge everyone to make sure they have the speed and bandwidth they need, both at home and at work. If you’d like some help assessing whether or not you have a broadband connection that really meets your needs, please call one of our specialists today on team on 01708 756 555.

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