FTTP pays its way

installing FTTP

The roll-out of FTTP is ‘almost justifiable in economic terms’ said a story in Computer Weekly recently (click here to read). It noted that research from Point Topic (http://point-topic.com/) has shown that the operational savings of deploying fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) broadband are now soon to overtaking the deployment costs.

This really should be no surprise to anyone. FTTP is now widely available and while it does cost more to deploy than fibre to the cabinet (FTTC), as the research shows, it can soon justify the investment. FTTC is lower cost as the last part of the connection (between the cabinet out on the street and your premises) uses existing copper wire, for exactly the same reason there is a limit on the broadband speed that can be delivered. With FTTP, you have fibre all the way to your own network connection point, so it can deliver much more speed and capacity.

In the UK today, the typical ‘up to’ download speed quoted for FTTC is 76 Mbps; for FTTP it is up to 330 Mbps, so you can see why some businesses would want to go to FTTP, even if it costs a bit more. In some situations, FTTP will give you performance that’s equivalent or not far away from that of a leased line, but at a much lower overall cost. Of course, it is location-dependent and FTTP broadband will still be a shared and therefore contended, whereas a leased line gives you dedicated bandwidth.

As ever, it depends on your needs, but FTTP services are certainly a viable option for many businesses now. If you are yet to make the switch to fibre and need help understanding what’s available in your area and will fit your requirements, please get in touch with the team at DMSL.

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