Hunger for data drives 4G


EE said recently that it had added 1.7 million 4G accounts in the three months to 30 September (see story here>, which means it now has 12.6 million 4G customers – that’s just over half of all its 31.3 million customers. The increasing need to have access to data when on move is making 4G a really popular choice. You will notice the difference when you can get 4G coverage – and EE reckons that it now reached 93% of the UK population with its 4G services.

One thing EE offers to its customers now is WiFi calling, so you can route mobile calls over your wireless connection and save using up your call minutes. This also gives you a second option if you can’t get a signal of course. EE is aiming to offer much more integration and roaming capability like this in the future and its plans might be accelerated if the proposed acquisition of the company by BT, which is still subject to regulatory approval, goes ahead.

If it does, that might well means even more packages and options combining fixed telephone, broadband, TV services to and mobile will made available to both businesses and consumers. More companies and home users are now making use of VoIP services, hosted apps, backup and security services and on-demand video streaming. And increasingly, we want to have access while we are on the move as well as whenever we are within range of a WiFi router.

With 4G now up and running and seamless integration between fixed and wireless connectivity now appearing on the horizon, the possibilities are expanding. These more dynamic, flexible services will help everyone to stay in touch wherever they are, keep costs down and make it easier to manage comms as well, as you’ll be able to run everything through one supplier and on one contract.

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