Could you be benefiting from BT’s continuing broadband boom?


You may have seen that BT recently announced revenue of £4.38bn for the quarter ending 30 September 2015, beating the City’s expectations. This was a 2% increase in the previous quarter, which does not sound much in percentage terms, but amounts to around £44m, which is not to be sneezed-at.

BT said that the increase was driven mainly by increased income from broadband and TV. What it did not say was that many if not most of that increase (certainly with respect to broadband) was driven by reseller partners. DMSL has been working with resellers and making a sustained effort to keep driving broadband sales – and we’ve continued to see sales grow. The market is far from saturated and the potential to upgrade SMB customers to fibre connections is enormous.

As BT’s boss Gavin Patterson said when the results were announced: “Fibre broadband is a success story”. You bet it is, and the desire to do more online and adopt technologies, such as hosted VoIP and cloud services is driving accelerated uptake amongst small- and medium-sized businesses.

BT reckons that more than 24 million premises now have access to the fibre network and hat number is growing every week. Already, there are five million businesses and homes connected to fibre but with a broadband base of more than 19.6 million customers (60 percent of which are businesses) there is vast potential.

It is always good to know that your hard work is paying off – and of course it’s not just BT shareholders who are benefiting. For resellers, the opportunity to benefit from the enduring popularity of the BT brand with both businesses and consumers remains very considerable indeed.

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