Silver linings on every cloud

Whatever eventually happens with respect to Britain’s exit from the EU, the prospects for VoIP resellers look bright


Just about everyone in the UK (except perhaps the politicians) is now well and truly bored with Brexit issue. Businesses have been calling for clarity on the matter, but even as the original March 2019 exit date approached, there was still no indication of what or when anything might be agreed.

Uncertainty is not good for business. But good business people are resilient and adaptable. They know that – deal or no-deal – they will have to get on with running their businesses as well as they can. This means making sure they look after customers, finding new business and making sure that profitability is maintained.

Britain’s exit from the EU will impact different businesses in different ways. Those who trade directly with Europe will need to adapt quickly. Those who do business with countries outside the EU might feel that they will have more opportunities. The majority who trade within the UK will simply be hoping that, whatever happens, there is not too much of a negative impact on the economy.


Accelerated Uptake

Most VoIP resellers will fall into the latter category and while they will certainly be hoping that the growth in their sales that they have seen over the past couple of years continues, even as the UK exits Europe. They will also know that, if businesses here get squeezed a little harder, that could actually accelerate uptake of hosted voice services, as companies look to rein-in their costs.

VoIP resellers may also feel that, assuming that Brexit does eventually go ahead in some form, that this will make hosted voice more attractive to businesses who want to start trading with countries beyond Europe – in Asia, and in North and South America, for example. VoIP services offer excellent rates on long-distance international calls, so companies looking to cast their net wider will be eager to adopt the technology.

If the UK’s departure from Europe is delayed, this is only going to perpetuate the uncertainty that many businesses feel – and they may well start to look at ways to modernize streamline their systems and processes. Adopting VoIP will be one very effective way to do that. It gives businesses more flexibility and makes them more capable of adapting to change. It also provides added visibility of activity and costs. It puts them firmly in control of their telephony.



Whether it is in or out of Europe, there is no question that, in order to compete with other economies and on an international stage, Britain needs to make the best possible use of technology to ensure UK plc is capable, responsive, effective and cost-efficient. We are seeing faster roll-out of high speed fibre broadband now – that’s being driven by huge demand from businesses all over the UK that are now embracing online and cloud-based services with a view to transforming their day-to-day operations and becoming more agile and dynamic.

The availability of higher bandwidth at an affordable cost, and growing confidence in the cloud and hosted services, is also accelerating uptake of VoIP. The benefits it offers can’t be ignored by businesses, especially given the uncertainty that they face in the short-term over the state of the UK’s economy.

Resellers of VoIP and technology in general can confidently expect adoption to continue in the medium-term as new services and technologies, such as business analytics IoT, and artificial intelligence, start to be used by more businesses that are keen to embrace technology and grow, opening up new possibilities and building confidence in technology solutions.

Added to this, as more individuals Generation X and millennials find their way into the workforce, their familiarity and ease with technology, will help to keep the ball rolling.


Roller-coaster ride

In the long-term, it must be hoped by everyone, that the economy will settle down and whatever roller-coaster ride the already rather bumpy exit from the EU that Britain’ businesses have had to endure already, will be left behind. One way or another though, it makes sense for companies of all sizes – whether they trade in the EU, internationally or conduct their business solely within the UK – to get adopt VoIP.

This abundance of silver linings should be very reassuring for VoIP resellers. Every possible outcome could have its advantages. The inexorable uptake of hosted voice services will continue and as it does, their recurring income will also grow and provide the stability their businesses need to ride the ups and down that we are bound to see in the economic cycle.


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