Can faster broadband help save the world?

Ultrafast connectivity gives workers the ability to be just as productive at home as they are in the office and with younger workers now demanding more flexibility – and a more conscientious approach to the environment – the sooner it can be delivered, the better The future of the environment is now a major issue…. Read more »

A matter of trust

For UK businesses and consumers, knowing that they can trust the supplier of their ultrafast connectivity is be vitally important In the end, every business relationship is about trust. This is particularly true with respect to IT and communications. Most small businesses don’t know and don’t want to know much about the technology itself –… Read more »

The early bird catches the worm

Starting early is a good idea if you want to be sure that the big switch-off of PSTN and the switch-over to cloud voice is a smooth and simple one for your business You may well be aware that the big planned switch-off of the PSTN network is due to happen sometime in 2025. You… Read more »

A Voyage of Discovery

The big switch-off of ISDN and PST in 2025 will bring both challenges and opportunities for VoIP resellers – some of which may not become apparent until customers can be persuaded to make the change A recent interview with James Lilley, head of copper and service products at Openreach, published on The Register, suggested that… Read more »

Is selling VoIP all about FOMO?

Is fear of missing out what’s really driving sales of hosted voice for resellers – and if it is, is that a problem for the resellers and the industry? The VoIP Reseller market will grow by an average of 3.1% every year, according to Market Insights Report, with the global market reaching $93 billion by the end… Read more »

Are you ready for 5G?

New services are already being rolled out in major cities and towns across the UK, primarily targeting consumers – but what’s the potential of 5G for business and what opportunities will it create for resellers? At the end of May, EE launched the UK’s first 5G service in six cities, heralding this as the start… Read more »

How can you really benefit from VoIP?

Giving a little advanced thought to exactly how you might benefit from VoIP can help you decide where to focus your decision-making If you want to test whether adopting a hosted VoIP service can be of benefit to your business, it’s worth thinking about the specific ways in which it might make a difference in… Read more »

Why the future of voice is in the cloud

All phone systems in the future will be cloud-based – the new generation of decision-makers won’t accept anything else – nor will they be prepared to fix the inevitable problems that would arise with on-premises systems   Cloud-based systems have now become just another way of delivering IT services. Increasingly, they are the preferred way… Read more »

Spoilt for choice

Can businesses now expect to get all their IT and telecoms services from a single hosting provider? Or is it still better to shop around for the best specialist supplier of all kinds of services?   It used to be the case that IT and telecoms services were always purchased separately from different specialist providers…. Read more »

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