Is your business ready for hybrid working?

  The way we work is changing. The last year has demonstrated there’s an enormous appetite to work flexibly. But the demand for more choice in how we work is not new. The pandemic only accelerated existing trends. Research from Adecco reveals that 79% of employees want more flexibility in how they work. So if businesses want… Read more »

Ten myths about digital phone lines debunked

1. Calls over the internet aren’t as good as those made over a normal phone line They’re better. No, really. OK, so back in the early days of internet calls this observation may have been true. But the tech is no longer new – there have been huge improvements in network connectivity. It’s mature and… Read more »

Making it easier to keep calm and carry on

BT has been pulling out the stops to make life easier for the its Cloud Voice and Cloud Phone customers to keep going while they are confined to the home during the Coronavirus pandemic. Voice is still absolutely key to the everyday workings of most small businesses. It’s important to be able to stay accessible… Read more »

Loo rolls and laptops: working from home

The coronavirus has compelled everyone who can to work from home for at least the next few weeks – but those without a fast broadband connection and businesses that don’t have a VoIP service may be struggling to maintain their productivity. As a result of the coronavirus crisis, everyone who can is now working from… Read more »

How DMSL can help you and your customers during the coronavirus crisis

DMSL is pulling out the stops to help partners and their customers provide efficient, effective home working solutions during the coronavirus outbreak. The coronavirus outbreak has caused unprecedented problems for businesses. For DMSL and its partners, the main challenge has been how to meet the needs of customers who have suddenly found themselves compelled to… Read more »

Consolidate services to build trust with customers

Many customers have multiple connections and services that are under-used or not used at all anymore – analysing them, consolidating services and replacing them with modern ultrafast connections is a great way to add value and build trust Do you have any idea of what connectivity and communications services your customers are using? It’s certainly… Read more »

Can faster broadband help save the world?

Ultrafast connectivity gives workers the ability to be just as productive at home as they are in the office and with younger workers now demanding more flexibility – and a more conscientious approach to the environment – the sooner it can be delivered, the better The future of the environment is now a major issue…. Read more »

A matter of trust

For UK businesses and consumers, knowing that they can trust the supplier of their ultrafast connectivity is be vitally important In the end, every business relationship is about trust. This is particularly true with respect to IT and communications. Most small businesses don’t know and don’t want to know much about the technology itself –… Read more »

The early bird catches the worm

Starting early is a good idea if you want to be sure that the big switch-off of PSTN and the switch-over to cloud voice is a smooth and simple one for your business You may well be aware that the big planned switch-off of the PSTN network is due to happen sometime in 2025. You… Read more »

A Voyage of Discovery

The big switch-off of ISDN and PST in 2025 will bring both challenges and opportunities for VoIP resellers – some of which may not become apparent until customers can be persuaded to make the change A recent interview with James Lilley, head of copper and service products at Openreach, published on The Register, suggested that… Read more »

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