Getting the UK up to ultrafast

Extended plans to roll out ultrafast, full fibre services to the UK have been announced recently, but will they be enough to get the UK up to speed and competing effectively on the world stage   In March next year, as everyone in the country is well aware, the UK will leave the EU. This… Read more »

Turning the heads of technphobes

For VoIP resellers, convincing a stubborn-minded small business owner to invest in hosted voice services can be a challenge – but there are ways that you can start to make them change their minds Sometimes it is not easy being a VoIP reseller – especially when you come across stubborn users who believe that it… Read more »

Hosted Voice – A Catalyst for Change

How hosted voice services can provide a stepping stone towards digital transformation Hosted voice is not one of the technologies that you will hear being mentioned in relation to digital transformation. But it does have a role to play in enabling businesses to take at least one small step towards the evolution of systems that… Read more »

Seven Year Itch

With PSTN and ISDN services being switched off in 2025, the migration to hosted voice services is inevitable – for VoIP resellers it is just a question of getting the timing right   In the UK at the present time, any reseller actively selling VoIP services will stand out simply for that reason alone. While… Read more »

Supercharging the economy

Ultrafast broadband can bring massive economic as well as business benefits to regions and by accelerating activity, the whole UK economy   A recent report commissioned by BT claimed that for every £1 invested in ultrafast fibre broadband in Northern Ireland, there could be a benefit of around £8 to the economy over the next 15 years…. Read more »

Artificial intelligence and the art of being a VoIP reseller

The hosted VoIP systems businesses are adopting today could provide the foundation for more intelligent, AI-driven systems of the future – and bring more potential to VoIP resellers * The famous author and technologist Ray Kurzweil has predicted that by 2023 (that’s just five years from now) computing power will reach the level of 10˄16 calculations… Read more »

VoIP market set for strong growth – don’t get left behind

A report by Transparency Market Research predicted that the global VoIP services market can be expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.7 percent between 2014 and 2020. The market may be worth $136.76 billion by that point and the expected subscriber base may have reached almost 350 million. This is… Read more »

Why Ultrafast broadband can’t come fast enough for many businesses

Anyone that has followed the development of the broadband market over the last two decades will be used to reading calls from politicians and business leaders for faster broadband to drive the UK economy in the digital era. The statistics about the UK being behind the rest of the world in terms of higher speed… Read more »

Six ways to make money as a VoIP reseller

Like any other service, VoIP needs to be sold on the benefits it delivers, rather than the simple cost savings it might provide – even though that’s what might grab the attention of many businesses in the first place. Here are just a few of the ways in which you can offer VoIP and highlight… Read more »

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