Making it easier to walk the tightrope

For resellers making the switch from a model based on capital income to one that relies on regular subscriptions, selling VoIP alongside cloud services makes perfect sense For most B2B resellers, hosted VoIP is never going to be the main income generator. It can, however, make a significant contribution and should – like other subscription-based… Read more »

Getting under the skin of a VoIP reseller

  There is more to being a trusted advisor on hosted voice services for business than first meets the eye – and both buyers and resellers themselves need to be aware of that Early in Harper Lee’s famous novel, To Kill a Mockingbird, the character Atticus Finch says to his daughter, Scout (the narrator of… Read more »

The hidden gems of hosted VoIP

The main benefits of hosted VoIP for businesses have been documented many times, but there are also some hidden benefits that might not at first be apparent   You won’t have to go too far to find out about the main benefits of hosted VoIP services for business.  In summary they are: Flexibility & mobility… Read more »

A Different Voice – Changing VoIP Providers

Changing VoIP providers – what you need to know If you have decided to change your business VoIP provider, there are a few things you need to know, or at least understand and keep in mind if you want to be sure the process runs smoothly. Leave with dignity It is always easier to get… Read more »

Getting the UK up to ultrafast

Extended plans to roll out ultrafast, full fibre services to the UK have been announced recently, but will they be enough to get the UK up to speed and competing effectively on the world stage   In March next year, as everyone in the country is well aware, the UK will leave the EU. This… Read more »

Turning the heads of technphobes

For VoIP resellers, convincing a stubborn-minded small business owner to invest in hosted voice services can be a challenge – but there are ways that you can start to make them change their minds Sometimes it is not easy being a VoIP reseller – especially when you come across stubborn users who believe that it… Read more »

Hosted Voice – A Catalyst for Change

How hosted voice services can provide a stepping stone towards digital transformation Hosted voice is not one of the technologies that you will hear being mentioned in relation to digital transformation. But it does have a role to play in enabling businesses to take at least one small step towards the evolution of systems that… Read more »

Seven Year Itch

With PSTN and ISDN services being switched off in 2025, the migration to hosted voice services is inevitable – for VoIP resellers it is just a question of getting the timing right   In the UK at the present time, any reseller actively selling VoIP services will stand out simply for that reason alone. While… Read more »

Supercharging the economy

Ultrafast broadband can bring massive economic as well as business benefits to regions and by accelerating activity, the whole UK economy   A recent report commissioned by BT claimed that for every £1 invested in ultrafast fibre broadband in Northern Ireland, there could be a benefit of around £8 to the economy over the next 15 years…. Read more »

Artificial intelligence and the art of being a VoIP reseller

The hosted VoIP systems businesses are adopting today could provide the foundation for more intelligent, AI-driven systems of the future – and bring more potential to VoIP resellers * The famous author and technologist Ray Kurzweil has predicted that by 2023 (that’s just five years from now) computing power will reach the level of 10˄16 calculations… Read more »

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