VoIP – the BIG opportunity of the next five years

Grow your business and stay closer to your customers

The potential of VoIP for resellers is simply phenomenal.

One estimate says that less than 10 percent of the potential UK market has been exploited so far, and between now and 2021, sales are expected to grow at a lightning-fast pace.

VOIP works! The word is spreading and confidence in the technology is growing fast.

There has never been a better time to start telling your customers about hosted VoIP. It will deliver real business benefits for them and generate new business income and profitability for you.

It will help you to get you closer to your customer and provide a platform for you to grow future cloud and managed services sales.


Selling VoIP – the benefits to your business

  • Grow your customer base – while other resellers hesitate, you can attract new customers by selling VoIP
  • Deliver a valued service – customers like VoIP and the benefits it brings, so you will be adding real value to their business
  • Earn great margins – you’ll earn good income on every seat you sell
  • Generate recurring revenues and profits – you’ll get a share of the total spend each customer makes every month. With every seat you sell, your monthly recurring income grows
  • Get closer to your customers – VoIP helps you get closer to your customers. Most contracts are for two years or more
  • Build for the future customers will keep adding more seats and as their confidence grows they will also look to you for other online services

It’s the right time to be selling VoIP. Customers have confidence in the technology and with more businesses now looking to make use of cloud-based services, hosted VoIP is an ideal addition to your portfolio.

DMSL works with leading service providers to offer you a great choice of hosted VoIP options. Every customer in every market has different needs. Whatever they may be, we will have a VoIP service to match.

Every reseller is different too and we provide simple, flexible and effective partner support that generates leads and helps you win and keep more business. Work with DMSL and you will soon find your VoIP sales and your recurring revenues growing.

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