BT Hosted Voice options

BT is one of the world’s leading communications services companies and the largest provider of consumer fixed-line voice and broadband services in the UK.

BT’s cloud-based (or hosted) phone systems give you the flexibility to take calls from both your desk phone and your computer or mobile, so you can utilise all the features of the office phone system wherever you are.
  • BT Cloud Voice
  • BT Cloud Voice Express
  • BT OnePhone

Upgrade your phone system and take advantage of these great offers

  1. 1. Free Polycom phones

The advanced Polycom VVX-450 with colour display is Free on 5 year contracts – you’ll get a free phone for every seat installed. On 3 year contracts you will get the phones for half price!

  1. 2. Free Connection

Take advantage of our offers and save the normal £100 connection charge.

Feature-rich, cloud-based phone system with the flexibility to meet the demands of the modern business all whilst only requiring an internet connection

For the company looking for all the features of a full blown on-premises system, but without the costs, maintenance, and location headaches of hosting it yourself, BT Cloud Voice is just the ticket.
As it’s a cloud-based hosted phone system, your people can use all of the office features from wherever they can get on the internet, whether they’re in the office or not. Business VoIP maintenance and upgrades are automatic, without the need for any costly and disruptive on-site visits.


  • A long-term flexible solution that adapts to your business needs
  • Manage business calls quickly and easily
  • Work better as single user and with colleagues
  • Save money on set-up, maintenance & calls
  • Have the reassurance that BT will support you and provide everything you need

Do more with Cloud Voice and Cisco Webex

Cisco Webex provides best-in-class unified communication capabilities, fully integrated with Cloud Voice. The application can be run across different devices, inside and outside the office.

  • Make hybrid working, work with a powerful digital phone-system that connects you and your customers anywhere
  • Share the load, and your ideas with virtual sharing and whiteboards
  • Keep everyone talking like you would in the office with secure, voice and video calling
  • Consolidate how you collaborate with the most important collaboration tools, including Microsoft Teams. And desktop and mobile apps you can pick up and use, anywhere
  • Find new spaces to work from private chats to virtual rooms you can work in together

BT Cloud Voice – User Feature Packs

There are three User Feature Packs to choose from, available on 12- to 60-month contracts. You can choose different packs for each BT Cloud Voice user, depending on which call management features they need. In the table below, we’ve highlighted the key features that are available with each User Feature Pack.


Basic Connect Collaborate
Online portal
Cisco Webex
Automatic call routing
Call forward
Call transfer
3-way calling
Hunt group
Call Director
Voicemail to email
UC Business Optional
UC Team
Hot desking Optional Optional
CRM Integrator Optional Optional
Receptionist Console Optional Optional
Busy Lamp Field Optional Optional
Call recording Optional Optional
Geographic numbers Optional Optional Optional
Cost per month (from)




BT Cloud Voice Call Recording options

BT has launched improved call recording storage options for Cloud Voice customers. Any customer wanting to record calls can take these new options when they buy Cloud Voice, or can add them later in-life. There are four options which have the same features as the existing call recording product, but offer longer storage durations and no cap on how many recordings can be stored.

Call recording options with unlimited storage (price per month)

up to 7 years £7.00
up to 5 years £5.00

up to 3 years £3.50
up to 1 year £2.00

Customers can decide to record all calls, or just specific ones, and choose how calls are recorded. Recordings can also be started, paused and resumed from the BT Cloud Voice Portal and BT Communicator App.

Fibre Broadband + Digital Phone Line + 5G SIM
Total savings £456

Whatever your business, get things moving with the combined power of fibre, unlimited mobile and a digital phone line you can answer from anywhere. It’s the most secure, most reliable and fastest business broadband range ever. And it’s also better value that ever.

Choose a Fibre and Digital Phone Line bundle, and you can add an unlimited 5G SIM to save an amazing £456!

The digital phone line that goes where you go.
Cloud Voice Express – BT’s latest digital phone line – lets you make and take calls on your business number from your smartphone. Download the mobile app and you can stay in touch and in control wherever you go. Simple to buy, simple to set up and simple to use, Cloud Voice Express digital phone lines are simply brilliant for your business – now and in future. Discover the difference today.

The digital phone line built for business

Work on the go with the app
With the Cloud Voice Express app, you can cleverly manage calls wherever work takes you. And get voicemail messages converted to text.

Keep the same number for life
Keep using your business number with your digital phone line. No matter where you move, you won’t lose the number – or your business identity.

Say goodbye to nuisance calls
Call Filter automatically blocks calls from BT’s blacklist of certified nuisance numbers to stop unwanted calls from reaching you.

BT’s best broadband connection together with the latest digital phone line, at one low, fixed price

BT Halo for Business – Superfast Essential & Digital Phone Line

BT Halo for Business – BT Halo for Business 1 – Fibre & Digital Phone Line

Normal monthly cost £34.95 £44.95
Offer Price



Total saving £216 £240
Contract length 24 months 24 months
Mbps download speed 72 – 73 72 – 73
Mbps upload speed 18 – 19 18 – 19
Call minutes Pay as you go included. Or add Unlimited UK calls for £10/pm Pay as you go included. Or add Unlimited UK calls for £10/pm
Add unlimited 5G SIM £15/pm (Normally £25/pm) £15/pm (Normally £25/pm)

Superfast Essential & Digital Phone Line

Features included as standard:

  • Digital phone line
  • Fixed price guarantee
  • Keep the same number for life
  • Make/receive calls on mobile app
  • Call Filter blocks nuisance calls
  • Unlimited data
  • Guest Wi-Fi

BT Halo for Business 1 – Fibre & Digital Phone Line

Features included as standard:

  • Digital phone line
  • Fixed price guarantee
  • 1 free Static IP
  • Keep the same number for life
  • Make/receive calls on mobile app
  • Call Filter blocks nuisance calls
  • Unlimited data
  • BT Device Protection by Symantec
  • Hybrid Backup
  • Enhanced IT Support
  • Always connected guarantee
  • Guest Wi-Fi

Lots of benefits for business – including guarantees

Fixed price guarantee
Your price won’t go up for the length of your Fibre & Digital phone line contract. So you get complete peace of mind. And no nasty surprises.

Always connected guarantee
Choose 4G Assure and your broadband automatically switches to 4G if you lose connection. If 4G Assure ever fails, we’ll give you money back.

Service promise
One number for a UK based customer team dedicated to helping you. The line’s open 24/7 and we won’t bounce you around internal teams.

Optional extras

Unlimited call plan
For peace of mind you can add unlimited calls to your bundle for just £10 a month (+ VAT). So you can make as many calls as you like from your digital phone line to UK landlines and mobiles.

Additional digital phone user packs
Your Fibre & Digital Phone Line bundle includes one Cloud Voice Express user pack as standard. You can choose up to 3 additional user packs, giving you 3 more handsets and 3 more digital phone numbers, all managed and configurable via your online portal. (You can have a maximum of 3 additional user packs or handsets in total).

Additional digital phone handsets
Your Fibre & Digital Phone Line bundle includes one Cloud Voice Express base station and handset as standard. You can choose up to 3 additional handsets which you can connect to your base station – giving you up to 4 handsets using one digital phone number. (You can have a maximum of 3 additional user packs or handsets in total).

Things you need to know. By signing up to the bundle service, existing BT PSTN services will terminate. Once terminated, BT may not be able to re-instate the PSTN service on the same commercial terms as previous. Cloud Voice Express does not guarantee the ability to make calls to emergency services at all times. At the end of the new 24 month contract, rental charges will revert to standard pricing. Top speeds may vary due to distance from exchange and other factors.

BT One Phone is a BT business package that brings together your desk phones, mobile phones, and phone line system into a single VoIP provider system service so all of your calls and voicemail go to just one mobile VoIP device – one of the leading unified communication solutions.

There are two members of the BT One Phone family: BT One Phone Office and BT One Phone Professional.

BT One Phone Office replaces your office phone system with a Cloud-based one – creating communications solutions whilst maintaining the call centre and centre solutions software code of practice. A dedicated private mobile network, installed in your office, gives guaranteed mobile UK call coverage and call forward capacity – so you can use your mobiles without fear of losing signal with a phone line, and with guaranteed call quality as your branch offices communicates with clients and customers. And as you move away from the office, calls are transferred seamlessly to the hosted business BT Mobile network. Thanks to VoIP solutions, your people will have access to all the call management features they expect from their desk phones, through their mobiles.

BT One Phone Professional uses the BT One Phone Cloud-based VoIP phone system to give your mobile workers the same access to call management features that they rely on in the office, no matter where they are in the UK. (This does not replace your office phone or telephone system).

If you would like to know more call 0800 755 5000 or click here and we'll contact you