CloudPhone Hosted Voice

A hosted voice system for the modern, agile business.

All the functionality of a traditional office-based phone system, but with the flexibility to do so much more. CloudPhone Professional Mobile is the perfect solution for agile, mobile or home workers, who want to use the service on multiple devices. This offers access to the full Unified Communications suite, making it easier for users to collaborate on their smartphone or computer.
  • CloudPhone Professional
  • CloudPhone Express

Control costs and make savings
The CloudPhone Professional package includes unlimited UK calls to both landlines and mobiles. You also get free calls between internal users and maintenance is included.

Work more efficiently
With tools like conferencing, desk sharing, instant messaging and presence.

CloudPhone Professional has the capability to support both single and multi-site businesses including mobile and home workers.

Work from anywhere
It’s easy to use the mobile and PC apps to make and receive calls even when away from the office. Plus, the online portal and apps can be accessed from anywhere to manage changes.

Support when it’s needed
With an initial familiarisation call and expert support through our service team.

Customised features
You only pay for what each user needs.

CloudPhone Professional Mobile
with inclusive calls to UK landlines and mobiles
Just £12 per month, per seat

CloudPhone Professional Mobile – the features your business needs

For Businesses that need a general all-purpose phone. Shared use, for example behind a bar, in a garage, kitchen, lobby or workshop.

Key features Description Professional Mobile
Hunt group Lets multiple phones ring when a number is called
Online portal Stay in control of call management features wherever you are
Automatic call routing Automatically send calls to another phone
Call forwarding Calls can be automatically forwarded to another phone if you’re not available
Call transfer Transfer calls internally or externally – even to a mobile
Three-way calling Add a third person to join an existing conversation

For Office-based workers, like sales people, accountants and PAs, who need a full range of call management features.

Key features Description Professional Mobile
Call director Keep your BT line ID even when calling from somewhere else
Voicemail Voicemail messages can be sent straight to your inbox

For Businesses with mobile workers who need access to the features of a traditional network when they’re on the road.

Key features Description Professional Mobile
Cisco Webex Mobile apps (iOS and Android), tablet apps and PC softphone – see who’s available, stay in touch by phone, video calls and instant messaging. Allows up to 1,000 participants to take part in an audio or web conference

The digital phone line that goes wherever your customers go. Ideal for 1-4 users.

CloudPhone Express – our latest digital phone line – lets you make and take calls on you business number from your smartphone. So you can stay in touch, and in control, wherever you go.

Simple to buy, simple to set up and simple to use, CloudPhone Express digital phone lines are simply brilliant for business – now and in future.

Business on the move
When you download the Cloud Voice Express app on your smartphone, you can connect with clients and colleagues using your business number, wherever you are.

Keep your number with you
Your phone number is part of your local business identity. With CloudPhone Express, you can keep the same number for life – even if you move location.

Not today thank you
Our filters automatically block nuisance calls from tens of thousands of known numbers. So you can focus on what really matters.

Savvy voicemail
Voicemail messages are converted to text and sent straight to the app. Saving time, so you can respond faster.

All set with a handset
To access your digital phone line when back at the office, you will need a new handset. We include one with every line.

Don’t let them slip through the net
Never miss an important call again. If you’re up against it, the call divert feature sends unanswered calls through to other colleagues, so your business will never miss out on new opportunities.

CloudPhone Express Digital Phone Line with inclusive calls to UK landlines and mobiles
Just £5 per licence, per month

Upgrade to Fibre today

Choose the connectivity and then add the CloudPhone Express licence (£5) for each user. Prices are per month.

FTTC 80/20 £19 – SOGEA 80/20 £29 – FTTP 80/20 £33

Key Benefits

CloudPhone Express comes with inclusive features that can help businesses if they need to work
more flexibly – and keep their business running, even if they can’t get to their normal place of work.

Make and take calls on the business number from a smartphone or tablet

Block nuisance calls

Keep your number even when you move area

Convert voicemails to text to keep a record

Get mobile alerts when there’s a new voicemail

Short code extension dialing

Manage account and features online in “My Account”

Digital phone calls are prioritised to guarantee quality

Fixed price guarantee for the duration of the minimum contract term (bundle only)

Each additional CloudPhone Express line will have its own number (new or ported) and can make/receive 1 call at a time. Customers can have a maximum of 4 CloudPhone Express lines with 5 handsets. If the PSTN is used for other services – fax, alarm, PDQs, tills, door entry, warehouse bell – these services will no longer work with the switch to digital.

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