If I’m busy can I prevent my phone from ringing?

You can use Cloud Voice ‘Do Not Disturb’ to send your calls to your voicemail without any of your devices ringing.  If you want, you can set up your main device to emit a short ring when the call is going directly to voicemail so that you know there’ll be a message waiting for you.

Alternatively you can use Selective Call Rejection or Selective Call Acceptance to restrict those who can call you.

How do I set up Do Not Disturb?

There are three ways you can it:

Through Feature Access Codes

  • Turn on – *78
  • Turn off – *79

Through the Cloud Voice portal

    1. Login to the BT Cloud Voice portal
    2. Select the ‘Employee’ menu
    3. Select ’Features
    4. Select ‘Call Control’
    5. Select ‘Do Not Disturb’ 
      Screenshot of portal - Setting up DND
    6. Select ‘Configure
      Screenshot of portal - Setting up

    8. Check the ‘Turn On Do Not Disturb’ box
    9. Click ‘Save

    Through the BT Cloud Voice Toolbar

    1. Click DND on your BT Cloud Voice Toolbar
    2. Click the button to the left of the DND link  to turn DND on or off

    How do I set up Selective Call Rejection?

    This allows you to automatically reject calls that meet your pre-defined criteria such as particular phone numbers, the time of day, and so on. Anyone calling you will hear a message saying that you cannot be reached.

    BT Cloud Voice – Selective Call Rejection (PDF, 315 KB)


    How do I set up Selective Call Acceptance?

    You can set Cloud Voice so that at certain times, only pre-selected callers can get through to you. You can pick up to 12 numbers.

    BT Cloud Voice – Selective Call Acceptance (PDF, 314 KB)


    Common questions

    Why do I still receive some calls when ‘Do Not Disturb’ is activated?

    If automatic callback is activated by a caller then that feature will override any ‘Do Not Disturb’ settings and the caller won’t be diverted to voicemail.


    I’ve activated ‘Do Not Disturb’ from my Phone, why don’t my calls go to Voicemail?

    The majority of IP devices have a ‘DND’ button. Unfortunately this ‘DND’ button only affects the handset where the button was pressed – you must activate the ‘Do Not Disturb’ feature through the portal.