Can I control the number of calls people can receive?

With Cloud Voice, you can set the maximum number of calls you can make [at the same time] so it matches your bandwidth.

You can use this feature to give preference to high call volume areas within your business. So you might give your call centre agents a higher allowance for concurrent calls than you’d give to the folks in general admin.


How do I set it up?

  1. Login to the BT Cloud Voice portal
  2. Select the ‘Sites’ menu
  3. Select your site
  4. Select ’Features
  5. Select ‘Call Capacity Management’
    Screenshot of portal - Setting up Call Capacity

    This page lists all of the Call Capacity Groups that have been created for the selected site (if you can’t see any groups, that’s because you haven’t set any up yet).

  6. Find the Call Capacity Group you want to edit and click the ‘Group Name’ link.
  7. You’ll see the ‘View Call Capacity Group’ pageYou can’t edit these settings in the portal; if you need to, please call us on 0800 389 0537.
  8. If the ‘Default Group’ is ticked, users automatically added to this Call Capacity Group


To add users to a specific Call Capacity Group

  1. Select the group you want to add users to
  2. Select the users who you want to add from the ‘Available Users’ table
  3. Click ‘Add
  4. Click ‘Save
    Screenshot of portal - Adding users to Call Capacity group