How do I make sure that calls forwarded around my site are handled effectively?

Hunt Group

People in a Hunt Group can all answer calls to a single number from their own phones. You set up the members of the group; you also set up the Call Distribution, which is how the calls are distributed around the Hunt Group.

Further information about setting up and using Hunt Groups on BT Cloud Voice –

What are Hunt Groups and how do I set them up? (PDF 491K)

How do I set up Hunt Group Plus to add extra features? (PDF 492K)

Series Completion

Series Completion is like a hunt group, but different.

You can create a ‘call forward on busy chain’ that searches for a free line from a specified list of agents. When a call finds that an agent on the list is busy, the call overflows to the next agent on the list until it finds a free agent or reaches the end of the list.

Hunt groups distribute calls evenly and to specific numbers.

How do I set it up?

  1. Login to the BT Cloud Voice portal
  2. Select the ‘Sites’ menu
  3. Select your site
  4. Select ’Features
  5. Select ‘Series Completion’
  6. Click ‘Configure
  7. Click ‘Add’ and select the users you want to add to your ‘busy chain’
  8. Click ‘Save’ when you’re through


Anything I should know?

Yes, there’s a few characteristics of Series Completion that you should be aware of –

  • An agent’s own ‘busy’ settings will override Series Completion
  • If all agents are busy, callers will get an engaged tone
  • Series Completion overrides any ‘Do Not Disturb’ you may have on any of the numbers in the series
  • You must turn off Call Waiting for all of the agents in the series


Auto Attendant

The BT Cloud Voice Auto Attendant is like an automated receptionist.

Callers hear a greeting with a menu of options: connect to the operator; dial by name or extension; or connect to extensions that may be other Auto Attendants, Hunt Groups, Call Centres or Users.

Learn more about setting up and using Auto Attendant –

What is Auto Attendant and how do I set it up? (PDF, 465K)

BT Cloud Voice has a Call Centre ACD to distribute incoming calls from a single central phone number to multiple agents in a site. Incoming calls go to the next available agent, according to the Call Distribution policy that you’ve configured (and regardless of their location).

Automatic Call Distribution

Learn more about setting up and using Automatic call Distribution –

BT Cloud Voice Automatic Call distribution (PDF, 503K)