BT Cloud Voice Feature Access Codes and how to change them

You use Feature Access Codes to activate, deactivate, and configure various Cloud Voice features. Most features have a default access code, which you can change if you want to.

Please take a look at this handy guide for the codes –

BT Cloud Voice – Feature Access Codes (PDF, 376K)


How do I set up Feature Access Codes?

    1. Login to the BT Cloud Voice portal
    2. Select the ‘Sites’ menu
    3. Select your site
    4. Select ‘Site Features’
    5. Select ‘Feature Access Codes’Note: The codes in the ‘Main (Required)’ column are the default Feature Access Codes. Do not change them!
      Screenshot - Changing Feature Access Codes
    6. Enter your alternative codes in the ‘Alternate’ column (we know: ‘alternate’ and ‘alternative’ are different words. Sorry!)
    7. Feature Access Codes are in the format: one or two prefix characters (* or #) followed by two numbers.If you add or change a Feature Access Code, the system validates your code to make sure that there are no conflicts between codes and between codes and extensions.If there are any conflicts, the Feature Access Code will always take priority so it’s important you’re your Feature Access Codes are unique within the site.
    8. Click ‘Save